Uniformed Fire Fighters

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On behalf of the Uniformed Fire Division, City of Long Branch Fire Department, it is my pleasure to present the 2022 year in review. This report gives an overview of the service which the Uniformed Division provides to the city day in and out. When fire is a threat, or there is an imminent hazard or threat to life, you may rest assured that your firefighters are highly motivated, well trained, professionally lead, responding in modern fire apparatus with the proper tools, and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. Beyond our call volume and statistics, I’m proud of the impact our division makes each day. Whether it’s taking the time to participate in a community event, providing fire safety education classes to the schools or other organizations within and outside the city or just having an open-door for a resident to ask a question, or a child to see a fire truck, we are here at your service. The division had more than 25 educational visits with an outreach of over 1800 kids and adults. The Uniformed Fire Division has always stepped up when called upon and will continue to do so to help our community when they need it most.

In 2022, through the efforts of the career and volunteers of the city, we responded to 1,581 calls for service ranging from alarms, fires, vehicle crashes, hazardous conditions, and rescues. In addition to calls for service, we also focus on training for the ever changing fire service. We do this by attending numerous classes on the local, state and national platforms. This past year, the division amassed over 2700 man hours of training. With new issues arising in the fire service from alternate fuel vehicles, building materials, health and mental wellness, our firefighters are continuously learning, and with the ongoing development of our city, and the number of visitors increasing, our division will need to continue to adjust.Captain with fleet

In closing, it is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as Captain, Uniformed Fire Division for the City of Long Branch and lead such a dedicated group of firefighters each and every day. Together our professional staff remains ever vigilant and committed to promoting the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community by providing the highest level of services possible. I would be remiss if I did not continue to convey my sincere thanks to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator and the Public Safety Director for their continued support and commitment to our division, staff, and overall mission of protecting life and property of the City residents and its visitors.

Captain Carl E Griffin Sr.

Uniformed Fire Division Commander


The Long Branch Fire Department is a combination fire department consisting of both paid and volunteer components. The career staff is made up of 25 members who are divided into four shift tours and work 24 hours on 72 off. The Uniform Division Captain runs day to day operations and works a Monday to Friday schedule. The career staff is known as the Uniform Firefighters Division and is represented by the New Jersey Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA) and are designated as Local 68. The Long Branch Fire Department responds to an average 1600 calls for assistance each year. The career staff covers the vast majority of these emergencies and is supplemented by the volunteer fire department. The career staff members all started as volunteer firefighters and chose to pursue firefighting as a vocation. The career and volunteer members work side by side to provide fire protection to Monmouth County’s largest city.

FMBA Local 68 established a Charitable Trust Fund 19 years ago to provide assistance to city based organizations or individuals in need. Over the years the Trust has provided 3 yearly scholarships for the Long Branch High School, assisted numerous local sports programs, provided assistance to families after a fire loss, prepared and served Holiday Dinners to local charity groups, holds an annual “Food Drive” for the local food banks, raising money for the Breast Center at Monmouth Medical Center, a block party/BBQ for the neighborhood, and finally, an annual “Cigar Dinner” at Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant. This one night event and a yearly mailer provides us the means to give back to the community and do all of this. Most recently we donated 15k to the beach front with the first all handicap accessible beach area in the county. These are just a few of the many beneficiaries of the FMBA Local 68. Aside from providing 24 hour a day seven day a week emergency service coverage to the citizens of Long Branch, FMBA Local 68 is dedicated to helping better the community for the citizens City of Long Branch.