City of Long Branch

Recycling Pickup

This page contains information regarding recycling:

It is important that commingled recyclable items not be placed in plastic bags for disposal. The bags cause the machines at the recycling plants to jam, costing these plants time and money to remove them. Please place all commingle items in a reusable container. NO BAGS.

It has come to our attention that cardboard is not being place at the curb properly, causing our crews to spend unnecessary time in collection efforts.

Cardboard and papers products, such as newspaper, must be separated. All cardboard must be collapsed and flattened into bundles of not more than 50 lbs and tied. No more than 8 bundles of cardboard can be placed on it's pickup day.

Newspaper must also be bundled and tied in no more than 50 lbs bundles.

Please do not place paint or other liquid products in cardboard boxes. This damages the product which can not be use for recycling purposes.

Be advised that our Garbage and Recycling trucks will have the same appearance. At times, it may appear they are forgetting to make a pickup, but another truck will follow.