City of Long Branch

Long Branch Announces Reduced Tax Rate

Long Branch Announces Reduced Tax Rate

and Improvements for 2021

As a collaborative effort from both the Mayor and City Council, the city announced a lower tax rate by almost 5 cents per $100 assessment, which continues the trend of a decreased rate from the past two years.

Over 70 percent of homeowners will see either a reduction in the actual property taxes they pay or will not have an increase this year. The city's tax rate decreased by about 5 cents and the school and county also contributed to an overall tax rate decrease of 9 cents per $100 assessment.

While the city will have a lower tax rate this year, Long Branch will maintain and add to the municipal services without increasing taxes. The services include keeping neighborhoods safe, park and landscape improvements, a nationally recognized municipal library, and a health department that spearheaded Covid 19 vaccinations and testing. The city will be increasing the initiative for cleaner streets and adding more recreation and senior programs.

The Community Pool, as well as the Arts and Cultural Center, are fully opened and operating. Projects for 2021 include road paving and improvements, better drainage, and a new beachfront public safety pavilion.

The value of city properties including homes and businesses continues to go up. Long Branch is becoming an even more desirable location for new residents to move to.

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