City of Long Branch


Mayor John Pallone announced Thursday, July 8th that the City will be receiving a grant to improve and beautify the area on 3rd Avenue in the vicinity of the NJ Transit Train Station. In addition, NJ Transit has agreed to update the station itself. The whole project will cover beautification such as painting the NJ transit building, landscaping with new trees and flowers, parking lot repair, concrete patching, platform repairs, and lighting in the tunnel.

The parking lot repair has started this week and the other work will continue during the Summer months. 

"This improvement is long over due. We are very happy to be receiving this grant and believe it to be a welcomed enhancement for 3rd Avenue and the surrounding areas," Mayor Pallone stated.

"Making improvements within our city has always been a goal of our administration. Even small changes like landscaping and flowers really makes a difference and we plan to continue to do projects like these and apply to grants to help cover the costs," Mayor Pallone said.

Exact details of the improvements include:

  • The grant includes improvements to pedestrian areas including sidewalks and intersections from Morris Ave  to Lowden Ct along 3rd Avenue, as well as landscaping upgrades 
  • Renew landscaping at the station by removing dead trees and other vegetation, and planting  new disease resistant tree species, as well as flowers and attractive ornamental grasses
  • Upgrade the station parking lot, patching and smoothing deteriorated areas, renewing the blacktop coating and restriping
  • Replace lighting and fixtures in the station pedestrian tunnel with energy-conserving LED lights and fixtures, that will provide much better illumination while being environmentally friendly
  • Painting of the station building and repair of deteriorating concrete on the station platform

For more information about this project or other beautification efforts in the city, please call the Mayor's Office at 732-571-5640. ####

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