City of Long Branch

Statement from Mayor Pallone

UPDATE 7/7/2020 11:10AM: Statement from Mayor Pallone Regarding Safety at Unprotected Beaches:

Over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, Long Branch Ocean Rescue staff performed 8 rescues at our unprotected beaches from Takanassee to Park Ave. This unusually high number of rescues was of grave concern to our beach staff and administration.

During this public health emergency, we constantly evaluate and make changes to day to day beach operations to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors as well as maintain compliance with the Governor’s Executive Orders.

Our initial reaction was to limit parking in an effort to reduce congestion and demands for emergency response.

In consultation with our Emergency Management Director and Ocean Rescue personnel, we have decided to reassign and add lifeguard staff to protect these beaches to eliminate the difficult response issues we had this past weekend.

Based upon the reassignment of staff, we have determined that it is not necessary to eliminate any parking on adjacent streets.

UPDATE 7/6/2020:

Plaza Court
No Parking Northside
Temporary No Parking Southside

Pullman Avenue (East of Ocean Avenue)
No Parking Southside
Temporary No Parking Northside

Pullman Avenue (West of Ocean Avenue)
No Parking Southside to Leslie Court
Temporary No Parking Northside from Ocean to Elberon Avenue & Southside Leslie Court to Elberon Avenue.

Park Avenue
Temporary No Parking both sides from Ocean Avenue to Elberon Avenue

Due to increasing crowds and increasing beach rescues, our beach rescue team needs better and quicker access to these roads. There has been an inability to get down these streets because of the parking overflow.

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