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This page is dedicated to building awareness within our community for when natural disasters occur.  

This Link is to an overview of Long Branch's flood information pages (click)

The following links are resources pertaining to floods and how they affect your home and community.

Precautions you can take in advance, including how to register for special needs assistance if an emergency arises.  A guideline for insurance coverage, explaining how FIRM's (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) are used.  FEMA awareness brochures, and a tool for viewing flood maps for specific addresses.  You can also find information on Flood Plain Management.


NFIP Transformation and Risk Rating 2.0

FEMA is focused on building a culture of preparedness by closing the insurance gap.  Recognizing that purchasing flood insurance can be confusing and time-consuming, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is redesigning its risk rating plan to improve the policyholder experience.  We are committed to a NFIP that people value and trust; that is fair, understandable, and less complex to navigate.

FEMA Updates its Flood Insurance Rating Methodology to Deliver More Equitable Pricing 

Click here for Risk Rating 2.0 Overview
Click here for Risk Rating 2.0 FAQ

Looking into the future of flood risk for Long Branch (click)

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Important Flood Resource  

Flood Protection Library

Shrewsbury River Flood Gauge

Register Ready. An on-line tracking system that allows you (Long Branch residents) to register with the State Police if you may need assistance with evacuating during storms or other emergencies. This program is computer-based and allows the local OEM to print out a list of our residents that may need assistance. 

Flood Insurance Information

Know your ZONE: new hurricane evacuation zones 

FEMA Mapping:  

FEMA Map Service (Current/past)

Region II coastal Analysis and Mapping

Region II coastal updates

Mapping Your Address

What is my Base Flood Elevation (BFE)?  Address Lookup Tool

FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) Zone Definition

NJ Flood Mapper (models showing inundation possibilities as sea level rises)

Flood Plain Management Information:  "Floodplain management is the operation of a community program of preventive and corrective measures to reduce the risk of current and future flooding, resulting in a more resilient community"

Brochures Published by FEMA:   

Community Preparedness
Myths and Facts About the National Flood Insurance Program
Why you Need Flood Insurance
How the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) Works 
Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage: Fact Sheet
What You Need to Know About Federal Disaster Assistance and National Flood Insurance
NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook
Emergency Supply List
Prepare Your Pets for Disasters
Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now
Every Business Should Have a Plan

Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans

Helping Children Cope with Disaster

Food and Water in an Emergency

Questions & Answers About Flood Insurance for Real Estate Professionals

Help Protect your Customers New Home for Real  Estate Professionals

Protect your Home From Future Disasters 

Flood Protection Information:
Above the Flood: Elevating Your Flood-prone House, FEMA-347 (2000)
Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program, F-084 (2011)
Coastal Construction Manual, FEMA-P-55, (2011)
Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA-54 (1984)
Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards, FEMA P-85 (2009)
Mitigation of Flood and Erosion Damage to Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas,  FEMA-257 (1994)
Protecting Building Utilities From Flood Damage, FEMA-P-348 (1999)
Protecting Floodplain Resources, FEMA-268 (1996)
Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding, FEMA 511 (2005)

Real Estate Disclosure:

Purchasing a House (State Flood Hazard Disclosures Survey) - NJ Law see Page 29-30

Community Notification Enrollment: “ALERT LONG BRANCH” A local system implemented to notify Long Branch citizens in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.  Please click on the link to enroll. 

The new Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be viewed at the 2nd floor of City Hall 344 Broadway, or online (click)

FEMA Hurricane Preparedness Exercise (Get Involved) Click image

Click Here to download app for Alerts and Warnings from FEMA

Click Here to Create and Test a Family Communication Plan