City of Long Branch

Office of Community and Economic Development

The Office of Community & Economic Development is once again housing the Urban Enterprise Zone Program, a NJ State administered program for Business Development, the Community Development Block Grant Program, Housing Rehabilitation, Parks Development (Green Acres) in addition to Residential and Commercial Relocations. The OCED provides a list of other services as well. Information can be obtained in the articles below or by calling 732-923-2043.  Applications for housing rehabilitation assistance can be picked up at the office and proposals for consideration for CDBG Program funds may be submitted to the office or emailed to

For the City of Long Branch, 2015 will be a year filled with new ideas and new growth.  Activity is high and synergy abounds as we look forward to the continued success of programs and services offered by the OCED (Office of Community and Economic Development).  We are anxious to complete many of the projects started and excited to welcome new ones that will make our community and City all the better.  In addition to adding new projects and services, we investigate the challenge of discovering new resources that can complement and enhance City services and extend added benefits to residents and others who are in need.

Community Development Block Grant Program

The OCED administers the CDBG Program and makes assistance available to low and moderate-income individuals and households.  From crime prevention strategies to financial assistance to non-profits, the OCED has an array of programs and services that will benefit people, places and infrastructure throughout Long Branch.  While our country bears the responsibility of committing resources to international causes, domestically and locally, we are challenged to not only make due with present allocation, but in fact, we must strive to do more with less and there is an imminent threat in Washington that funds could be diverted as the need abroad may dictate.  Despite this reality, we remain confident that federal programs and services will be available to those who are in need.  The OCED is committed to delivering such services in an efficient and fair system for eligible clients.

If your business was dropped from the UEZ Program in Long Branch because you were unable to fulfill the hiring requirement, please call Mr. Jones at 732-923-2040 immediately!  You may be eligible for reinstatement in the program without penalty and without having to hire additional employees.