City of Long Branch

344 Broadway
Long Branch,

Sidney Johnson

Animal Control

The City of Long Branch Health Department provides a comprehensive program to residents for animal control.  All dogs owned by residents of Long Branch must be licensed by the Health Department. 

To obtain a license you must present current proof of rabies vaccination. 
Licenses are $12.00 for spayed or neutered dogs and $18.00 for non-spayed or non-neutered. Proof of above is required.  The Health Department provides a free rabies clinic in January for dogs and cats.  Contact the Department for more information.

Animal Control Officers enforce regulations in the City of Long Branch with regards to at-large animals and pet waste.  Dogs are not permitted to be at large unless on private property. Dogs are not permitted at-large on our beaches.  All dogs must be leashed when being walked on public thoroughfares.  Pet owners or anyone who takes a pet for a walk must properly dispose of the waste. 

Download “Pet Waste Pollutes Our Waters” notice for more information (PDF)