City of Long Branch

Long Branch Substance Abuse Alternatives Program

The Long Branch Substance Abuse Alternatives Program (LBSAAP) is an American Society of Addictions Medicine Level 1 Outpatient counseling service for the Long Branch residents experiencing problems with substance abuse.  The program is currently located in the Recreation and Human Services office of the City of Long Branch at 231 Wilbur Ray Avenue.  Our assessment and treatment placement services are offered to Long Branch residents at no charge for the services.

The counseling sessions are held on Mondays and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The average length of stay in the program is 3-4 months.  Clients can contact LBSAAP for a confidential evaluation and referral at 732-571-6511.

Evaluations are scheduled during business hours and take approximately 2.5  hours to complete. Once the client has been evaluated LBSAAP staff can refer a person to the proper level of care.  This includes the outpatient services outlined above.

LBSAAP services clients with Probation or Department of Child Protection services (DCP) involvement.  Clients who wish help can also self-refer themselves to the program with one call.  

Clients must be able to prove they are legal citizens of the City of Long Branch. 

Long Branch Substance Abuse Alternatives Program (LBSAAP) has been servicing the citizens of Long Branch for the past 27 years. Your recovery is only a phone call away.  LBSAAP has helped hundreds of citizens and families with substance  abuse issues over it 27 years of service.