City of Long Branch

Health Inspections and Enforcement

The Health Department has a comprehensive program of public health inspections and enforcement.

All Food Establishments in the city must be licensed and inspected regularly.  If you have a complaint call the department for more information.

All Pools and Beaches in the city must be licensed and inspected regularly according to local and state regulations.

The Health Department investigates issues regarding Housing and Public Health.  If you have a public health complaint about a housing condition call the department for more information.

The Health Department investigates cases of Communicable Disease and provides information to residents when requested.

The Health Department inspects licensed facilities such as Day Care Centers and Schools public health compliance including immunization status of children.

A comprehensive program of Environmental Investigations is on-going in the department involving issues such as hazardous materials in the environment and lead poisoning.

The Health Department is a member of the City’s Local Emergency Planning Committee that oversees the complicated issues involving emergencies in the community. 

The Health Department works with and contracts with area health departments to plan and respond to Regional Public Health Issues.

At all levels the department offers Health Education Information to residents seeking more information about issues affecting them and their families.