City of Long Branch

2022 Lifeguard Positions

Long Branch Ocean Rescue is responsible for protecting almost four miles of beach, consisting of 24 lifeguard stands from Seaview Avenue in the north to the beaches of Elberon in the south.   In addition, we provide lifeguard services for the Long Branch Community Pool, Long Branch Public Schools, as well as several oceanfront condos and hotels.  Our primary season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with a small crew of lifeguards on duty from early May through the end of September.  Our lifeguards respond to emergencies utilizing several trucks and utility vehicles, as well as two jet skis positioned throughout our coverage area.  Vehicles are equipped with lifesaving equipment including oxygen and defibrillators.

Long Branch Ocean Rescue is certified by the United States Lifesaving Association as an Advanced Agency.  Our staff consists of 160 lifeguards, including 10 EMT/lifeguards.   We work closely with the Long Branch Fire Department, Long Branch First Aid, and Elberon First Aid to respond to all types of emergencies throughout the beachfront.   Our EMT/lifeguards are on duty every day, and through the medical direction of a physician, carry several lifesaving medications.  In addition, we have over 20 scuba certified lifeguards who are equipped with rapid response dive equipment to quickly respond to a submerged victim.

Employment as a lifeguard for the City of Long Branch  

Long Branch Ocean Rescue lifeguards are required to complete physical training on a daily basis, which includes swimming, running, paddling and/or rowing with a high level of intensity. Lifeguards will be expected to perform all of the following physical activities: open water swimming in all conditions; running and sprinting on the beach; kayaking; paddling; rowing; climbing and jumping off of lifeguard stands; lifting and moving victims; performing CPR for an extended period of time.  Pool lifeguards are required to complete many of the same tasks. 

Requirements for all applicants: 

Applicants for both the Ocean Lifeguard and Pool Lifeguard positions must be available to work a 40-hour per week schedule, including weekends and holidays.  Limited part-time positions are available. 

Hiring preference will be given to applicants who are former Long Branch Junior Lifeguards, as well as to those applicants who have previous lifeguard experience and those applicants who are able to work until Labor Day.  

All applicants under 18 years old must provide working papers signed by their parent and school prior to starting work. 

Requirements for Ocean Lifeguard applicants: 

Applicants for Ocean Lifeguard position must be 16 years old prior to June 20, 2022.   

Ocean Lifeguard applicants must be available during the dates of either one of the two sessions of the Long Branch Ocean Rescue rookie academy (1st session to be held 5 weekend days - May 28, June 4-5, and June 11-12 / 2nd session to be held 5 weekdays - June 20-24) 

Ocean Lifeguard applicants are preferred to have current American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or ASHI BLS or equivalent CPR certification 


Requirements for Pool Lifeguard applicants: 

Applicants for Pool Lifeguard position must be 15 years old prior to June 20, 2022. 

Pool Lifeguard applicants are preferred to have current American Red Cross Lifeguard certification including CPR 

Overview of hiring process 

  1. Fill out and return the following: 

  • City of Long Branch employment application  

  • Long Branch Ocean Rescue supplemental questionnaire, which will be provided to you upon receipt of your application 

  • Include copies of the following:  

  1. Driver’s license (if you have one)  

  1. Social security card 

  1. CPR card  

  1. Any other applicable certifications you have (NJ Boating Safety Certificate, NJ EMT card, Scuba certification)  

Please note the following requirement: For applicants who are current high school students, at least one of the references listed on your application must be a teacher or coach.   

APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR POOL LIFEGUARDS EXTENDED TO MARCH 31  and can be returned in-person to the Recreation Department located at 231 Wilbur Ray Ave. in Long Branch or emailed to Shannon Bruno at 

  1. After you have submitted all of the paperwork and forms listed above, you will be scheduled for an in-person interview with the Beach Manager and Captain   

  1. Ocean Lifeguard applicants who successfully complete the interview will be invited to complete the swim test consisting of a 500m swim in under 10 minutes  

  1. Upon successful completion of the swim test, Ocean Lifeguard applicants must successfully pass the run test, consisting of a 2 mile run in under 18 minutes 

  1. Ocean Lifeguard candidates will then be required to successfully complete either of the 5-day sessions of the LBOR rookie academy: 

  • 1st session (weekends) to be held May 28, June 4-5, and June 11-12 

  • 2nd session (weekdays) to be held June 20-24 


Other information about working in Long Branch 

All training is provided at no cost, and ocean lifeguards will be paid for training.  In addition to successfully completing the rookie academy, Ocean Lifeguard candidates will also be required to complete EMR (medical) training. 


Training is ongoing and all ocean lifeguards are required to train on a daily basis.  We are fortunate to have plenty of equipment to train with, including boats, paddleboards, and surf skis.  Ocean lifeguards interested in competing will be provided an opportunity to try out for the tournament team in late June. 

Ocean lifeguard shifts are 8 hours, from 8:45am to 5pm or 10:45am to 7pm.  All first year ocean lifeguards are subject to permanent assignment to the 10:45am-7pm shift 

Pool lifeguard shifts are 6 to 8 hours and hours vary between 8am and 8pm 

If you have any questions about the process, please email Matt Bogner at 


Long Branch Lifeguards are excited to be entering into a shared services with Ocean Township Pool.  Long Branch Lifeguards will be guarding their pools. We are looking for Pool Guards to fill these position.  Please follow the above information and links to apply for the positions.