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  1. Commend a Cop
  2. The City of Long Branch Police Department prides itself on the professionalism of its officers and the services they provide to our citizens. We commend the many good deeds performed by our officers on a regular basis that often go unnoticed. Our hope is to acknowledge those actions with the help of our community.

    If you have witnessed one of our officers go above and beyond the call of duty or have had a positive interaction with one of them, we would love to hear about it. Please fill out the below form. Your story will be emailed to a representative within the police department who will forward it to the officer and the appropriate supervisor.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. Your note will show an officer that their actions are appreciated and will serve as a thank you for a job well done. A little note of thanks can really go a long way!

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  4. This form is to be utilized for positive feedback regarding an interaction with City of Long Branch Police Officers. In the event that you are displeased with an interaction, please call the department at 732-222-1000 to determine the proper contact for your concern.

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