Community Pool

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§ 117-7 Swimming Regulations

  1. No one person shall be allowed in the water unless a lifeguard is present.
  2. All persons shall shower prior to entering the pools.
  3. All bathers, including babies, shall wear bathing suits in the swimming pool and wading pool. All children in diapers must wear plastic pants with snug fitting elastic waist and leg bands.
  4. Any person having a communicable disease, open wound, blisters, sores or cuts, eye, ear, nose or mouth infection, excessive sunburn or skin disease, shall be excluded from the pools. No person wearing any type of bandage or cast shall be permitted in the pools.
  5. No inflatable water paraphernalia or toys shall be allowed in the pools, except by permit of the pool manager. Masks and other swimming aids shall be permitted only by special permit of the pool manager.
  6. Diving shall be prohibited.
  7. No hanging onto the buoy lines in the pool shall be permitted.
  8. The wading pool is designed for children five years of age and under. Parents and guardians shall be responsible for supervision of their children using this facility.
  9. Dressing and undressing shall be done in the locker room only.
  10. No smoking, spitting or unnecessary spouting of water shall be permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.
  11. No person shall smoke, chew or possess lighted cigarettes, pipes, cigars, electronic cigarettes or any other type of tobacco product within the fenced grounds of the Pool Complex. A designated smoking area will be made available outside of the fenced grounds.

§ 117- 8 General Regulations and Prohibitions

  1. Compliance with the established Code of Conduct is required.
  2. All litter, paper and debris shall be placed in trash receptacles.
  3. Food and beverages shall not be brought into any area except those designated for eating.
  4. No glass or glass containers shall be allowed in the facility.
  5. No pets or animals shall be allowed in the swimming pool area.
  6. No person shall consume or be in possession of alcoholic beverages at the Pool Complex during operating hours.
  7. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances or appearing to be under the influence may be refused admission to the facility or may be ejected.
  8. Lounges and chairs shall not be permitted within the designated limits around the pool.
  9. Members shall abide by all parking and driving regulations.
  10. No person 16 years of age and under shall be admitted without a responsible individual at least 18 years of age who shall remain with the child while they shall be in the facility. Any person 17 years of age shall not be permitted to bring a guest.
  11. Bicycles shall be placed in designated areas only.
  12. No roughness, rowdyism, profanity or other conduct affecting the safety and comfort of others shall be allowed.
  13. Destruction of property or vandalism or failure to abide by swimming pool regulations shall justify immediate expulsion from the swimming pool facility and constitute grounds for suspension or revocation of membership, without refund.
  14. Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests shall be accompanied by a resident at all times.
  15. Lifeguards shall be required to enforce all rules and regulations. In case of an emergency, notify the nearest lifeguard.
  16. Lifeguard stations shall be limited to lifeguards and authorized personnel.

§ 117-9 Liability

  1. The City shall not be responsible for valuables brought into any area of the Pool Complex.
  2. All persons using the Pool Complex do so at their own risk and sole responsibility. Neither the City, the City Council, employees of the Pool Complex nor other City employees shall assume any responsibility or shall have any personal liability for any act, accident or injury in connection with the use of the facilities.

§ 117-10 Amendments

All matters not determined by the rules and regulations may be determined by rules and regulations subsequently adopted. All rules and regulations shall be subject to amendment, from time to time, by ordinance adopted by the City Council except as otherwise provided in this ordinance.

§ 117-11Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

  1. Regulations shall be posted at the pool and strictly enforced.
  2. The Pool Complex manager or designee, in his/her absence, may close or limit swimming facilities or establish such additional rules and regulations whenever, in their judgment, such actions be deemed necessary or desirable for the protection, health or safety of such persons entitled to use such facilities.
  3. Any violation of the rules and regulations of the Pool Complex, or the laws of the City of Long Branch or the State of New Jersey shall be enforced by appropriate City personnel and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

§ 117- 12 Penalties for Violation

  1. Any person who shall violate these rules and regulations shall be subject to immediate ejection from the pool area by the pool manager, or in his/her absence by their designee and their membership shall be subject to revocation or suspension.
  2. The municipal court shall have the jurisdiction in actions for violation of any rules and regulations set forth in this diction. The rules and regulations shall be enforced by the same proceedings and processes, and the practice for the enforcement thereof shall be the same as that provided by law for the enforcement of other ordinances in the City.
  3. The penalty for violation of any rule and regulation shall not be less than $200 nor more than $2,000 in the discretion of the Municipal Court Judge.